Nature as Source of Inspiration

Bionic constructions are one of the big challenges of the future, there is still a lot of potential lying in here.


For millions of years, nature has been working on optimizing complex structures, solving problems with simple means, minimizing material and resource consumption – why not learn from it?


Bionics is the art of deducing functional principles from nature and using them for construction and production. Organic free-form surfaces, complex geometries with amazing properties and abilities are role models and sources of inspiration. This thought is definitely not new, even Otto Lilienthal derived his flying apparatus from the birds.


The problem: the reproduction of nature is hardly possible with conventional manufacturing processes, let alone economically. Only with additive manufacturing your designers and product developers get unlimited design freedom. With tool-less manufacturing techniques such as SLA and SLS and our decades of experience in generative manufacturing, you also save time and money.