Automated EDM production

Complexity and high surface quality

When it comes to complexity and miniaturization of components CNC milling reaches its limits. With our EDM technologies, we are expanding the possibilities of producing complex tools, molds and metal parts with high surface quality.


We manufacture the graphite electrodes required for die sinking on our 5-axis CNC high-speed milling machines (HSC High-Speed ​​Cutting). Very complex geometries can be designed as a complete electrode, derived from your product CAD data, thus reducing the number of electrodes required. Of course, there is a detailed measurement protocol for each electrode. The blanks are “married” to the holder of the zero-point clamping system with integrated RFID chip and can thus be identified fault-free throughout the entire machining process.
Manual operations are reduced to a minimum in our EDM lines. For example, the electrodes are automatically measured within the production process. We are happy to deliver the milled, measured and documented electrodes that we have designed, also directly to you on loan holders with an RFID chip ready for production.


Wire erosion makes it possible to realize extremely small cutting widths with high accuracy, since, in contrast to milling, no mechanical forces act on the component. The machined contours are sharp-edged and meet the requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy, even in hardened materials.