Your Benefit: Parts Sizes

Series Quality even with large Components

Through production-related design optimization, additive technology knowledge, hybrid construction methods and our own innovations such as the RIMFLEX process, we help you to keep production costs under control.


Very small or very large – the diverse combination options of the various manufacturing processes under one roof offer you all the advantages. From the smallest cable connections and plugs to headlamp housings, instrument panels and complete bumpers, our options are sufficient.


The component size is an important parameter for the choice of the optimal manufacturing process, sometimes a hybrid construction – a multi-material construction – is recommended.


Silicone molds, e.g. for larger components, clearly have their disadvantages. Due to their flexibility and their large own weight they are not stiff and therefore hang regularly or deform. The benefit of prototypes produced as a basis for decision is therefore very questionable. As an alternative, Kegelmann Technik has developed its own process, the RIMFLEX process, which is closer to the series for larger, higher-quality components.


The hybrid construction combines the best of two worlds, e.g. Selective laser sintering SLS and GFRP composites. Thus, Class A freeform surfaces with very high rigidity and strength can be combined with the degrees of freedom of additive manufacturing, creating a new product with better properties than the respective individual components.