Your Benefit: Freedom of Design

Class-A freeform surfaces, complex structures

Kegelmann Technik makes designer dreams come true with the greatest possible design freedom: Finally convert great, creative design ideas into real products according to the desired function, without being limited by conventional production methods such as milling, turning or casting. Product series can be individualized by additive manufacturing and hybrid construction methods in combination with conventional technologies and economically produced in small quantities, even in series quality. Cost-relevant in terms of production costs is only the external component size; the functions and the associated complexity are often almost free of charge.


Prerequisite is an “additive mindset” already in the design and construction of the product. With our Connected philosophy, we bring this know-how into partnership with your development department and find the optimal solution to ensure or even increase the functionality of the end product, e.g. Class A freeform surfaces of very high stiffness and strength combined with degrees of freedom of additive manufacturing.


We are happy to advise you from the beginning on product design and technical construction regarding your economic, functional, ergonomic and aesthetic specifications.