Your Benefit: New Ways

Creativity and Desire to go New Ways

Our enormous experience with machines and material properties allows us to make a very accurate assessment of what works and what does not.


Many industries – not just automotive or medical technology, but the entire engineering industry – are facing major changes in the design of products and complex systems today and in the near future. Generative manufacturing processes help with this change, but at the same time they are drivers of these developments due to their enormous advantages. Lightweight construction and bionics, functional integration and unimagined design degrees of freedom make things possible that could not be produced before, not at these low costs and not in these small lot sizes asked for nowadays.


However, the biggest challenge is always the reproducibility of product quality, which is why it is important to work constantly on them. This can only be achieved if one has mastered the production process in detail and also knows the limits. In addition to the creativity to go new ways, this also includes a lot of experience with machines and the material properties. For several decades, we have been the development partner of the world’s leading machine and material manufacturers, developing new processes and improved materials, and thus driving the technologies forward. Our creativity is characterized by combining technologies into optimal and holistic development and manufacturing processes to deliver even greater value to our customers. The limit of our creativity and our desire to break new ground is simply unconditional quality. Kegelmann Technik is one of the few companies to have been certified according to IATF 16949, a global quality standard in the automotive industry, for many years.