Your Benefit: Lightweight Construction

Lighter, faster, more efficient

Efficient products with more and better features can also be built faster.

Just with additive manufacturing or additive manufacturing in conjunction with conventional production methods as multi-material construction and hybrid components we can produce products that are more efficient, meaning that we ensure the same or even more features and better properties with less material and resource consumption.

For dynamic products with fast-moving parts, lightweight construction is a great advantage because it reduces the moving masses and makes less wear during operation possible. The products are not only lighter in additive manufacturing, but can also be built faster. New materials with improved properties, which we develop in cooperation with leading plastics manufacturers, are also used by Kegelmann Technik in their own manufacturing processes, such as the RIMFLEX process. In this case, the material consumption is reduced in projects with large components and certain lot sizes – the quality level becomes more stable and reproducible.