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Looking for a successful start to your career?

High employee qualification, leadership skills and low fluctuation guarantee stability. This is made possible at Kegelmann Technik by constant education and training, transparent communication at all levels and the appreciation of each individual. The assumption of responsibility is a matter of course; Efficient and goal-oriented work characterizes every action and thus produces highly motivated and committed employees.

We also see the leadership and training of junior staff as a responsibility that we are happy to meet.

Deadline for applications for the start of training on 01.08. is always the 31.03. of the previous year.

Our requirements:

  • Realschulabschluss average at least grade 3
  • Hauptschulabschluss average at least grade 2
  • Technical understanding
  • preparedness

Please send your applications to:

Kegelmann Technik GmbH

Gutenbergstrasse 15
63110 Rodgau-Jügesheim

or by mail to:

Industrial Clerk

  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Requirements: commercial thinking and economic understanding, careful and organized working methods, customer and service-oriented thinking

Technical Product Designer, Specialization on Product design and construction

  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Requirements: Good spatial imagination, good technical understanding, creative skill

Technical Model Maker, Specialization Body and Production

  • Duration: 3,5 Years
  • Requirements: exact working methods, craftsmanship, good spatial imagination

Precision mechanics, Specialization of cutting technology (milling technology)

  • Duration: 3,5 Years
  • Requirements: good arithmetic skills, good technical understanding, interest in machine work

Precision mechanics, Specialization Tool Making

  • Duration: 3,5 Years
  • Requirements: good arithmetic skills, good spatial imagination, manual skills

Process mechanic plastics and rubber technology, Specialization Mouldings

  • Duration: 3 Years
  • Requirements: Interest in machine work, logical thinking, understanding of technical relationships