Your Benefit: Individualization

Markus Albrecht im RP-Bereich von Kegelmann Technik

We are able to produce series of 1

Behind the simple formula “Series of 1” not only drastic cost reduction potentials are hidden, but especially new business models and inexhaustible value creation concepts.


Like globalization and digitization, demographic change or sustainability, individualisation is one of the big megatrends that will change our society. It’s not just about the dream of involving the consumer in the design process. The changes will be much more powerful due to new business models and value creation concepts as well as the chance to drastically reduce resource and energy consumption through supply strategies via data set and production-on-demand concepts.


In various projects, such as designer eyewear, we at Kegelmann Technik are already using parameterized CAD models from Mass Customization, the “Series of 1“. By this we mean a reproducible and consistently high quality and profitability of a series production with lot size n = 1. We are happy to go with you this new way into future.