Prototypes and series in metal
and plastics

In a challenging environment high performances are expected from you and your partners.
We help you to gain additional value through project security, innovation and productivity.

  • Prototypes

    Prototype models let you experience your product for the first time physically materialized - haptically and visually.

  • Small Series & Series

    If you already fixed the number of pieces, we can support you from the beginning with the choice of the right manufacturing process.

  • Spare Parts

    We have the know-how to deal with small editions as well as individual pieces - therefore, we are the perfect partner regarding obsolescence management.


We are Kegelmann Technik

Since 1989, Kegelmann Technik is leading in the generative production of models, prototypes, tools and end products. Many customers have Kegelmann Technik completely integrated in their value creation process, considering it a key element in the successful development and design of innovative products. In the entire process chain of additive manufacturing, starting with construction and design, from model to close-to-series prototypes, Kegelmann Technik focuses on 100% process quality, flexibility and speed. The certifications according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949 (Automotive) and EN 9100 (Aviation) document this advantage in terms of product and process quality.


    Business Fields

    • Automotive

    • Engineering Services

    • Mechanical and Plant Engineering

    • Medical Technology

    • Aviation

    • Lifestyle, Art & Fashion

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