Vacuum Casting

Kegelmann Technik offers comprehensive technological solutions for the production of vacuum casting products with properties such as transparency, erosion structure or high level of detail. Special prototypes require special material. Highly stressed parts can be designed, for example, as a polyamide part (PA).


Based on a stereolithography master, models and prototypes which require close-to-production qualities without being made of the corresponding material are manufactured in vacuum casting.


The vacuum casting technology is excellently suited for the production of filigree objects as well as small test runs of 15 to 50 pieces in PU plastic (polyurethane). Whether different colors, optically transparency or finely structured surfaces – all this is possible at any time.


Specifically for applications where vacuum casting meets the limits of technology, e.g. in size requirements, Kegelmann Technik has developed a special polyurethane formulation with material advantages that conventional vacuum casting resins can not offer. We prefer to use RIMFLEX® technology to produce complex medium to large parts in polyurethane.


The RIMFLEX process is an excellent example of how the vast technological knowledge of our engineers optimizes the many possible combinations of more than 30 different production processes in our factory, both cost and quality related.