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Leading since 1989
Kegelmann Technik has been a leader in the generative production of models, prototypes, tools and end products for several decades. Through project security, innovation and productivity, Kegelmann Technik generates added value for customers who expect top performance in a challenging environment. The certifications according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949 (Automotive) and EN 9100 (Aerospace) document the quality promise.


Fully integrated into the value creation process
For many customers, Kegelmann Technik is fully integrated in the value creation process and plays a key role in the successful development of innovative products. Throughout the entire process chain from generative manufacturing to design and design to near-series prototypes, Kegelmann Technik focuses on 100% process quality, flexibility and speed.


Unique advantages of cooperation
The tremendous breadth of innovative manufacturing processes under one roof coupled with employees’ technology knowledge acquired over many years provides customers with two unique benefits. On the one hand, there is the certainty that the optimum process is used at every stage of product development from the idea to the absolute proximity to the series. On the other hand, the huge opportunities offered by the enormous variety of possible combinations of different manufacturing processes in product development.


These opportunities of innovative additive thinking, the desire to break new ground, combined with project security and productivity make Kegelmann Technik the perfect development and value-adding partner for challenging tasks and demanding companies.
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