Your Benefit: Fast to Series

Short “time to market”

With Kegelmann technology, you can achieve production quality quickly and in any batch size in the exact quality you want to deliver to your customer expecting it from your products.


You would like to come to the series with your product idea quickly, shorten your “time-to-market” and thus realize competitive advantages?


We help you with that – in every phase of development from design to start of the series –  with the production of components in metal and plastic.


Our flexible semi- and fully automatic production processes combine the tool-less production of products or even tools and molds with casting and EDM processes or CNC milling. The most important success factor is the earliest involvement possible of our engineers in the design process and the integration of generative manufacturing knowledge into product models. This significantly determines the quality of the product, allows the parameterization and detailed simulation and thus the iterative improvement of the prototypes.


Biggest success of the design process is integrating a specific function directly into a component. The production takes place in one step, e.g. functions need not to be integrated later by milling, drilling or assembly processes. Even things like internal cooling ducts around the corner are feasible.


The result is a reduction of assembly components, the complexity of production processes. The cost of logistics and quality assurance is reduced. This digitization of processes and logistics as part of prototype and small batch production is our specialty.